About the Studio

LOCATION: 291 Main St. (Rt. 20), Northborough, MA 01532

Phone: 978-310-1113

The Paint Circle is a relaxing artistic atmosphere where you will have great fun and TOTALLY impress yourself with the result of your fun! Every person who has been into the studio has enjoyed their process and even loved their end result. Really.

Come to the studio on date night with your sigi other, bring your bottle of wine or beer, play with paint and create something awesome together to hang on your walls at home while creating memories to last a lifetime.




picture025Leisu Kirby – Owner of The Paint Circle, artist, mother, creative storm.

After taking years of woodshop in school, when I graduated I wanted to be an architect, but money was tight so I joined the Air Force after a year of college.  I stayed in the military for 8 very LONG years.  I really didn’t start to realize that other people couldn’t draw anything they wanted to like I could until I was in my late 20s.  After leaving the military I joined my fiancee in Boston and we went to UMASS together for a year and I transferred to the Art Institute of Boston after that. Somewhere in there I started doing murals and faux finishes to help pay my way through art school. I spent most  years on the Dean’s list (a new achievement for me as I was more ‘social’ in high school) and graduated in 2002 with my BFA in Illustration and Animation.  I continued to do murals and decorative painting through the years while serving other ‘odd-jobs’ (secretary/ Facilities Manager/ Closet designer) Last year I decided to start getting real about teaching art classes and opened my studio (then in Hudson) to the public, I ran classes out of my studio and around August found my current shop on rt. 20 in Northborough.  I love learning new skills and I love sharing what I know with other people.  I have renovated my house single handedly,I can do all things a typical handyperson can do, I also play with concrete and paint and skydive. (kidding).