Laugh, Spill and Create Together

Art Classes

The Paint Circle is an art studio owned and ran by a practicing and serious artists who are professionally trained and have earned a fine arts degree.

Classes include:

OPEN PAINT: You can come in and paint what you want!  The class is offered on an 8X10 sized canvas, but you can upgrade for a few dollars more depending on size. Open paint is $20 for one canvas and $5 for each one after the first…. wine glasses may also be done they are $25 for 2 glasses during open paint. We do not paint step-by-step, but we WILL show you how to paint what you desire!

KIDS ART CLASSES: age group is 6-10 or 10 up. These classes are held either after school, during ‘break’ time, and a homeschooling series held weekdays. The classes vary and try to bring art to children through paint, drawing, and clay. Art history is usually included in each class talking about famous artists who used techniques, invented methods and how they affected the world around them. Kids art classes are $20 for the first child and $15 for each after that.

ART JOURNALING: Ages are from 12 up, art journaling is about the love of journaling, in this class students are taught how to create an art journal, different mixed-media, how to use it and new techniques to create fun and lively pages. In class you will go through a series of steps to create an interesting and fun art page layout for your journal.
Junque Journaling is a second part of art journaling, teaching how to create a junque (junk) journal which is very free-ing and so much fun to create.

ZENTANGLE: Class in zentangle is very zen (ha) learning how to flow with zentangle, let yourself go and create new designs.

DIY CLASS: this is to teach tool use from basic tools to more in-depth techniques, drywall repair, light fixutre change out, painting techniques and more.

FURNITURE PAINTING: how to prep and paint furniture.